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  • Cantu di Mare
  • Arcobiato Soprano - Route de Porto Pollo , 20113 Olmeto Plage
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Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare

Accommodation in southern Corsica

One of the places you must see, close to your accommodation in Southern Corsica, is the village of Campomoro,its Genovese Tower and its wild coastline. that you can from the terrace of your villa at Cantu di Mare residence. Campomoro which takes its name from 'Maures camp' is a small fishermen's village located in a protectedsite.

What strikes you when you arrive in Campomoro is the serenity ofthe place. At the end of a small picturesque road with amazing viewsover the Valinco Gulf, this small seaside village is charming andunspoilt. There are no large structures, just a beautiful beach withclear waters set on a background of mountainous landscape.

The construction of the tower

Under the Republic of the Genes, hundreds of towers were erected fromthe 16th Century along the Corsican coastline to protect the land frombarbaric pirates' attacks which were taking place at the time in theMediterranean – hence the name of Genovese tower which was kept. It isat the request of the Governor Pier Battista Cattaneo that the largestGenovese tower was erected in Campomoro between 1585 and 1586. Designedby the Neapolitan engineer Domenico Pelo, the tower was built by CarloSpinola who was assigned to carry out the work. The tower was partlyfinanced by the extraction of coral and partly by a local tax. Despiteits distance from all habitations and the issues with getting water andlime to it, the site was chosen for its strategic location. The workprogressed quickly at first – on the 17th September, a quarter of thetower was already built- then due to a harsh winter, the bad quality ofthe lime and the fact that many of the builders were ill, the work onthe tower slowed down. The tower was finished in May 1586.

Youcan visit the tower via an ancient path that was restored and maintainedthanks to the Elisa organisation. Visitors can follow in the footstepsof the men who since the Bronze Age walked and worked this land.Visitors are free to wander between the sea and the opulent vegetation,enjoying all the local sights, sounds, and scents. In this heavenlylandscape, visitors can dream away while gazing at the gulls flying lowover the waves, the towers who guard the horizon and the stone wallsthat seem never-ending.

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Arcobiato Soprano - Route de Porto Pollo, 20113 Olmeto Plage
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