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  • Cantu di Mare
  • Arcobiato Soprano - Route de Porto Pollo , 20113 Olmeto Plage
  • info@cantudimare.com
  • 06 13 07 53 10 / 06 13 57 62 08
  • 04 95 74 07 54
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Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare

Residence Cantu di Mare - Olmeto

Olmeto is an ancient and peaceful picturesque village, on a mountainside overlooking the beautiful Valinco gulf.

This vast town (10,000 acres) is staggered over the slopes of the Punta di Buturettu and extends down to the Baracci plain to the south-east, with the sea to the south and the Taravo plain to the west. Its woody, gently sloping hills are covered with age-old oaks and olive trees which once were the wealth of this area. In addition to its favourable position, which add to the beauty of this village, are its high stone houses with ageing red slate roofs, its archways, cobblestone lanes, and machicolated tores and loopholes.

When discovering this village, go back in time by visiting places shrouded in its history, such as the remains of the last convent that the Capuchins built in Corsica in 1711. Or the Sainte-Marie church, a Romanesque 9th century parish church, where you can admire magnificent organs dating back to 1850. Or lastly the house where lived and died Colomba Carabelli-Bartoli, the famous heroine from the novel by Prosper Mérimée.

Nowadays, this village's main resource is tourism, thanks to its coastline and seaside resorts. The village benefits from  20 kms of beaches  along the Valinco Gulf with crystal clear blue waters. In Olmeto-Plage, where you will find several holiday residences, you can enjoy long stretches of sandy beaches as well as small secluded coves surrounded by rocky formations.

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Arcobiato Soprano - Route de Porto Pollo, 20113 Olmeto Plage
Reservations 06 13 07 53 10 / 06 13 57 62 08 , 04 95 74 07 54

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