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  • Cantu di Mare
  • Arcobiato Soprano - Route de Porto Pollo , 20113 Olmeto Plage
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Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare
Cantu di Mare

Cantu di Mare : Residence Olmeto Plage - Sartene

Located in Southern Corsica, 25kms from the Residence and 15kms from Propriano, Sartène was named 'The most Corsican of all Corsican towns' by Prosper Mérimée. The town appears like an extension of the mountain, perched like an amphitheatre on the slopes of Monte Rosso and overlooking the Valinco Gulf. It has kept most of its original character and charm with its tall granite houses, narrow streets and traditions. One particular tradition is the Catenacciu, which takes place on Good Friday and is a procession with the red penitent, whose identity remains unknown and who carries the cross with chains on his feet through the streets of Sartène.

Although the town of Sartène only has 3,400 inhabitants, it is actually the largest town in Corsica in size with 33kms of coastline. It goes from Cala d'Arana in the north to Cala di Rocapina in the south, and includes the Senetosa Cape and its lighthouse, Tizzano harbour and the two large beaches of Tralicetu and Erbaghu. It is also where you will find the alignments of Palaghu and the plateau of Cauria with the Funtanaccia dolmen and the alignments of Stantari and Renaggiu.

The town centre is the main square (Place Porta) which is surrounded by the Town Hall, ancient palace of the Genovese governors and by Sainte-Marie church. Shaded by palm trees and elms and with its friendly cafes and market, this square is where locals meet and is the heart of Sartène.

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Arcobiato Soprano - Route de Porto Pollo, 20113 Olmeto Plage
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